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Getting Started

Last modified by Andreas Hahn on 2011/06/03 18:31

These instructions are outdated as shept was moved from subversion to github
Hope to replace them soon.

The easiest way to get started is to clone the simple SheptDemo from github and modify it.

From the Eclipse IDE in the upper left corner select
File -> New -> Project ...


The 'New Project Wizard' opens.
Select 'Checkout projects from SVN'


... and create a new repository location


You need to specify the project template in shepts subversion repository.
Its http://svn.shept.org/sheptTemplate


For the most recent version select the 'trunk' folder.
It's important that you proceed with the 'Next'-button.


In this form you should specify your projects name.
You should NOT stick with the default 'SheptTemplate' as this can be rather misleading later.


After you have entered your projects name please proceed with next.


Use the default location to check out your project.


Now that your project is checked out it is still associated with the template project in the subversion repository. This does not make sense as your project will later reside in its own repository. So you have to take a final step and disconnect the project from the subversion repository. Right-click with the mouse over your newly created project and a pop-up menu appears. Select 'Team' -> 'Disconnect'


Confirm disconnect and also delete all internal files that subversion uses to synchronize with the external repository.

Gratulations - you are done !

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