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Last modified by Andreas Hahn on 2011/02/23 10:15


  • Improve documentation
  • Sort order auto-detections
  • Configurable binding supression (blacklist, whitelist, tag-file introspection)
  • Make Scrollable lists configurable and open for other Providers: JPA ...
  • Add generation of table form templates from the datamodel
  • Improve errorhandling for components (persist is ok, but refresh, filter, chaining need improvement)
  • Replace all entity checks by Annotation-checking through DaoUtils.isEntity(dao, model)
  • List load / save javascripts (loading ... / saved animated icons like in XWiki)
  • version number into template comment
  • add spring security to segment configuration
Created by Andreas Hahn on 2010/07/09 11:20

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