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  • You have a scaring timeline in your neck ?
  • You need reliable support on your mission critical projects ?
  • You need to show results to your customer in the next couple of days ?
  • Want to get rid of your closed source development environment in a reasonable timeframe ?
  • Worldwide project support through skype and remote desktop available
  • Let us joint develop your project so you can see the progress day by day
  • fixed price prototypes based on your existing data model.

(cloud based infrastructure is available and ready-to-use)

Shept-based applications are in production use

  • fleet management
  • facility management
  • audio content distribution

My location is near Hamburg / Germany (UTC/GMT +1 hour). See my (german) profile Andreas Hahn
Please drop me a note on the subject (and your timezone) and I'll get back to you immediately.

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