Demo: Persons and Adresses

Demo: Persons and Adresses

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In this first example we will create a simple app maintaining persons and their addresses.
We have a 1:n relationship between persons and their addresses.
We will build 2 segments for viewing/creating/editing data in both entities.

This example illustrates how to create a simple segment and how to 'chain' between segments e.g. (in this example) follow the relationship from person to addresses in the view. This showcase demonstrates in easy steps

  • Creating segments based on data grids including
    • full editing support
    • paging and sorting
  • Creating resultset filters based on
    • User input (for persons)
    • Relationships (for addresses)
  • Entity lifecycle support for creation and deletion of filtered entities (persons and addresses)
  • Simple form validation (in this showcase rejection of invalid birthdates)

As an additional benefit it is possible to attach an image to each person.
This is not a feature of the shept framework but it is easy todo and illustrates the power of the underlying Spring framework.

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